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 JJohnny Smyth  United Kingdom

JJohnny Smyth 
JJohnny Smyth is a DJ who prides himself in being open to many genres of electronic music.
He found his love of music in the early nineties when his friend give him a mix tape of various dance music tracks mixed by a local dj. At that moment he was smitten and so his journey began going to various raves and events throughout Northern Ireland.
He was influenced by dj's such as John Digweed , Sasha , Dave Seaman , Nick Warren, Future Shock and other local dj's in Northern Ireland.
After purchasing a set of decks JJohnny spent all his spare time playing his favourite tracks , learning as he went along.
He then settled down to have a family so JJohnny took a break from playing the decks but this never killed his love of music. In July 2010 he purchased John Digweed's Structures Album and the dj bug bit him once more so he purchased a set of cdj 2000's and set off on a journey learning the digital age of music.
He has refined his ear by blending several sounds and not relying on any one particular style. In doing this JJohnny has created his own unique musical technique, one he constantly manipulates and develops. His style has landed him on some of the most renown online radio shows including the Groundworx Session , Innervisions radio and Insomnia FM.
In January 2014 JJohnny started his new radio show called Cellar Fusion , when he invites guests for 5 hours of Electronic dance music which has been up to now , a great night of entertainment.

Exclusive Cellar Fusion show every 3rd Wednesday of each month.

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