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 Dani Rivera  Spain

He begins his career as professional in 1999 at ZOO Club in Sansenxo, city of Pontevedra, Spain. In September  of the same year he obtains the residence at Barracuda in Vigo and subsiquently starts playing as guest DJ at different clubs within the  city such as Wademécum, Vispace, Milagro, ADN, Play and others. This is how is begins to make a name for himself   in the musical scene of the city.

One year later he continues his career as DJ at  Moloko in the city of Vigo  as well as Zoom After-Club in  Vigo, where he is also owner and DJ manager. At this club he worked with DJ´s Tony Thomas, JL Magoya, Víctor Flores, Cristian Wunch and others…

In the years 2001, 2002 he plays an important role at the festivals  Revoltallo in (Vigo) and at Take Off festival.(on a boat)

Currently, he lives in Granada where he is  No.1 resident DJ at both   El Rincón de San Pedro and Öpera4 Music Club,  here he has worked with  DJs like Chris Duckenfield, Alex Kid, Vicenzo, Miss Kelly Marie ,Murray Richardson, David Duriez,Dj nelly deep ,Llorca, Rainier Truby, The Timewriter ,Kim Jones, Le chic , Roberto Rodríguez, Pablo Bolívar, Angel García… as well as a multitude of solos with musicians that have passed through Opera4.

He has also been invited to many Club in the city such as Industrial Copera, Wow, Sala Lla!, Sala Quilombo or Bauhaus in ( Seville) and Umec (Cadiz)

He is Creator of  “Öpera4 DJ Academy”  which started in  October 2005, where he is teaching his skills and developing new talent in Granada for the future.

To define his sessions we would say they progress from the most fine and elegant deep house to the more actual electronic sounds.

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