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 JBravo  Bulgaria

Born under the name Ognyan Genev,6 november 1985 in Bourgas, Bulgaria, he first came across the electronic music
in the year 2000.. DJ Alligator and Darude are the first that catch his breath.
Until 2005, he listens to different live sets and tracks, but nothing particular. In the summer of 2005 his play-list includes
only live sets of big stars as Eric Entrena, Steve lawer, Rick Pier O'Neil , John Digweed, Sasha, and many others.
Then, he is really fascinated by the electronic music, and he begins experimenting with different kinds of substyles.
With every mix he listens to, his desire of making his own one gets bigger and bigger, until the beginning of the year 2006.
Then he begins experimenting and mixing in parts home parties, just for his own pleasure. He goes through almost all
kinds of house music from minimal, to progressive, electro and tribal until, finally, he finds out his own style dark progressive
and  tribal. That is the music that inspires him, and makes him feel somehow different, somehow incredibly great, as he has
not felt before. Rick Pier O'Neil, Eric Entrena, Danny Tenaglia become some of his favourites. In the end of year 2006,
he starts his first own radio show...

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