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progressive house

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progressive house

liturgy of darkness, dark progressive

Perceiving Sound 1st Anniversary Lineup:
Tuesday, August 7th, 12am to 8pm

Ewan Rill
Ivan Nikusev
Matteo Monero
Mehmet Akar
Stefan DJordjevic

River of SIn 013 - for broken hearts

3 Million Ways 2nd Anniversary Lineup:
Saturday, August 18th, 1pm to 10pm

Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic
Paul Lennar
d-phrag & Plamen K - 2 hr set
Roland Klinkenberg
Three Million Ways

Experimental Battle 7: djafar, arthur sense, kairy

Dark Progressive: Esoteric Frequencies 2 years anniversary

Celebration Day 1 - 04 Aug 2012
11:00 - Andy Basque (Greece)
12:00 - Graham Lloris (Hungary)
13:00 - Franzis-D (Spain)
14:00 - Booya (Sweden)
15:00 - AquAdro (Italy)
16:00 - DEVAA (India)
17:00 - Matteo Monero (Italy)
18:00 - JojO (Poland)
19:00 - Cem Ermis & Burak Colak (Turkey)
20:00 - Ilker Kurtulus (Turkey)
21:00 - Fro Ptr (Greece)
22:00 - Giselle (Norway)
23:00 - Aya Mavra (Hungary)
00:00 - Abraham (Mexico)

Celebration Day 2 - 05 Aug 2012
11:00 - DJ MikeT (USA)
12:00 - DJNA (Greece)
13:00 - DJ Dincer (Turkey)
14:00 - Anton Mayday (Russia)
15:00 - Stratos DeepDark (Greece)
16:00 - Kairy (Taiwan)
17:00 - Djafar (Bulgaria)
18:00 - Deep-L (Argentina)
19:00 - Arthur Sense (Russia)
20:00 - Deepness (Argentina)
21:00 - CJ Art (Poland)
22:00 - Stranger & Violeta (Bulgaria)
23:00 - Matias Ricciardi (Argentina)

Dark Progressive: River of sin 1 year anniversary

River Of Sin 1st Anniversary - 30 July 2012
16:00 - Sean McClellan (representing Frisky Radio)
17:00 - Sobo (representing InsomniaFM)
18:00 - Weepee (representing
19:00 - Chris Balantanis (representing Safari Radio 104.7)
20:00 - Panoulix (representing Mcast)
21:00 - Djafar (representing TM RADIO)
22:00 - Andy Basque with a special 2hour set!!!!

we're having another anniversary, it's not of our radio show, but of a friendly one from a friendly station. check it out, tune in any time! =) it will start at 23:00 Tuesday, Nov 1st (today) and end 22:00 Wednesday, Nov 2nd, with 42 short (and long) mixes. Big thanks to Perceptive Motion for hosting this celebration with us. all mixes will be released on tribalmixes..

TM Radio 5th Anniversary with DJ Tarkan, Darin Epsilon, Gerardo Boscarino, Kike Mayor, Kintar


00:00:39 Three Million Ways (2hrs*)
01:00:45 P.Andonov
01:54:15 DJ Mavrikoff JR
02:46:26 Bo B
03:48:49 Paul Key
04:51:45 Deep Soul Duo
05:52:18 Andy Basque
06:51:58 Dido
07:50:39 Suffused
08:51:06 Anton Mayday
09:54:45 Cem Ermis
10:55:36 Julian Rodriguez
11:54:33 Arthur Sense
13:53:18 DJ GaeTano
14:56:29 TheLuckyOne
16:00:15 Musabesni
17:01:52 Nubian
17:59:17 Kike Mayor
18:55:21 Gerardo Boscarino (LIVE)
19:55:22 Kintar
21:15:22 Amir Nashaat
22:10:41 Djafar
23:16:57 CoolVibe


00:04:11 DJ kiDe
00:59:36 Stranger & Violeta Kukleva
02:58:48 Sima Deep
04:37:46 DJ Abdo Chivas
05:43:43 DJ HitMe
06:44:58 DJ Mando
07:51:19 Bassam
08:50:19 TribMan
09:52:05 Paul Vinitsky
10:49:48 DJ LU
11:55:43 Sunnteck
12:58:20 Jun Yagi (Nanowave Trax)
13:58:10 The Kinky Funkers
14:54:43 Levente
15:48:07 PMC
16:49:18 DJ Topo
17:51:07 Satline
19:04:03 DJ Tarkan
19:57:50 Tamer Fouda
20:49:41 Darin Epsilon
21:50:01 PHM
22:33:10 Dimitar Valev aka SpaceBird
discuss the music you hear on our 5th Anniversary celebration!!!!

on facebook's event page or in tribalmixes forum (easy-find all the mixes there as well)
a few great episodes coming up, check them out!!


with a last minute Surprise Guest Mix from

Don't Miss an exciting and promising episode of the Jorney To The Sky hosted by Hisham Yahia!!! Tune in Friday the 03rd of JULY, 11pm!!

We proudly announce Thomas Gold won the Beatport award in the category “best Progressive House Track” for his remix of Delerium’s “Silence” – which peaked at (#1) in the Beatport charts. Thomas has been as busy in the studio as he has in the clubs, his brand new single “Shake It” released on renowned UK label Cr2 charted at # 1on the Beatport House Chart and already entered the top 5 of the allover charts!!! Thomas recently completed a new Mix of Paul van Dyk’s classic track "We Are Alive" which will be out in early summer on Paul van Dyk’s new album. † His latest remix for Erick Morillo got such an overwhelming from the man himself that Erick will premier it at Pacha’s “Subliminal Sessions“. New Mixes for Robbie Rivera, Nari&Milani will follow ... Thomas’ next hot shot is already in progress – so watch out for his new single which will be released in late summer. Good Times! And now he's coming here!!!!


We are happy to announce that in the beginning of March Dynamica 128 and the booking agency TheMain join forces to start a project called The main Dynamica 128.

The project will consist of special series including artists from the booking agency The Main. The purpouse is to give another field of expression to artists from the booking agency The Main and also artists from the Bulgarian Minimal House/Techno Scene.

Opening mixes for The Main Dynamica 128 will be from the young artist from the booking agency Flavio Diaz. The new minimal/techno sounds from Flavio will be exciting as hell! Bulgarian support for Flavio Diaz will be Vladislav Rashkov, which is one of the most popular bulgarian DJ's and the first who played in the famous London club - Turnmills.

The project will be part of Dynamica 128's program every other month, and he will be representing the new movement in minimal sounds. Project start scheduled for 4th March.

hello hello!!! Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year as well!!! many things are happening around us, and here's a great time to pick up on radio's future events!!!
  • 7 February 2009, 21:00 DELICIOUS MUSIC hosted by Ahmed Alaa is inviting JOHN DAHLBÄCK for a special episode
  • 18 January 2009, 00:00 (Midnight of Saturday into Sunday) - the beginning of the TWENTY FOUR HOUR marathon celebration of the second anniversary and the 50th episode of BEAT SENSOR, very popular show hosted by Style Clash and moT. they are inviting 19 more DJs, their friends and brothers (Alex Rize, Bourne, Co-Jack, Danny Lloyd, Dave Carden, Dave Sanders, Dynamic Illusion, Fady Ferraye, Kintar, Mannel, Michael & Levan, Neo, Neurophobe, Nightlight, Rasti Tkac, Retroid, Santiago Deep, Stereostrip, Wolf) to celebrate with them, bringing the total time of brand new fresh music to be played that day-night to marvelous number of 24 straight hours. this is not to be missed, tune in all day long for 15 minutes or 15 hours to show your respect and unity with us, and yes - it's going to be off the hook!!!

  • 23 January 2009, 18:00 .. 21:00 - The Bastard Who Stole My Tunes invites Dimas a.k.a. D-Formation from Madrid, Spain to take part in the show!!! warm welcome!!!
  • [slash]
    Untitled Radio Show Winter Holidays Special

    In the coming three weeks of the winter holiday season Untitled Radio Show will present listeners with the best mixes from host and co-host to make Christmas and New Year's Eve a little more special first with D.I.E.M. on 23rd December to put you into a Christmas mood, then on 30th December with BeatBoxBaby's Double Bunny Hopper Mixes to warm you up for your last party in 2008!

    We then keep on celebrating, as on 6th January 2009 Untitled Radio Show will be reaching it's 100th SHOW!!! and on this special occasion our host Dj Slide will come up with a festive 2-hour Exclusive mix!

    With these special mixes Untitled Radio Show crew wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we also thank you all for keeping with us this long to make it all happen! We hope you enjoy our music and stick with us in 2009!


    Hi. it's been a long time... well, some news are coming here, mostly because i was overwhelmed with pride of so many new shows opening, older ones having anniversaries or simply coming back after summer vacations. alot of movement is happening right now, and just to make it all easier to find out about, i'm going to do a vast update on our show line-up, including new shows and older ones, but first let me just announce a few most important events coming up..
  • 17 Sep 2008, 21:00 - just around the corner coming the celebration of the Second Anniversary of the Progtronik Music show hosted by Adham Zahran, this special episode will include music from 6 guests along with the host, guests are Svilen Bancheff [Bulgaria], Ovidiu Adrian [Romainia], DJ Vakus [USA], SkinDrawer [France], Anatolkin [Bulgaria], TheLuckyOne [Slovenia]. tune in tomorrow!!
  • 28 Sep 2008, 16:00 - Feel The Sound hosted by b0na will be celebrating its First Anniversary, preparations are already being made for 10 guests and 12 hrs of music - 2hrs from the host and guests are Alex Dolby, Alican & Soner, Francesco Pico, Sasha Le Monnier, Max Demand, Yeahman, Kanat, Ogi Gee Cash & Dimiz, Syle & Sobo, Frangellico. gonna be sweeet!!! more of the wonderful anniversaries like this are planned in the next few months... now to 'after-vacation-returns'...
  • 21 Sep 2008, 14:00, our great One World show hosted by Tr1ple G is coming back from long vacation, and hits it up with noone less than ERIC ENTRENA, will be a hot session, make time for it!! usually show comes every first sunday, 3pm, but this time we couldn't wait and made it earlier, or later...
  • 11 Oct 2008, 19:00 we're experiencing the come back of Tribal Eclipse with UsualSuspectBro and DirtyTribe steering the wheel, this crazy episode will include a back2back session of 6 dj: DirtySound Tream versus Dead Souls team - PHM, Escodero & kozin.
  • 18 Jul 2008 - cannot avoid this day in my report, cause it was amazingly great - Dead Souls have had their 1st Anniversary celebration with a 24 hour marathon, that included 22 djs and unmeasurable and unforgettable emotions and pleasures listening. after such a powerful episode, show is taking a break for a few months. now more of come'n'go business, past and future. most recent first...
  • 13 Oct 2008, 20:00 a new show Happy Memories with host Julian Rodriguez is going to have its Grand Opening!! come by and support this young Argentinian dj!!
  • 06 Oct 2008, 22:00 make sure make room for Night Traffic dealt by Sound Keepers, should be a fine masterpiece!!
  • 05 Oct 2008, 17:00 - we're picking up a new trance show Electronic Conference produced by DJ Thomas Coastline.
  • 19 Sep 2008, 23:00 another new show Journey To The Sky starts, where the most professional astronaut - DJ Hisham Yahia - will take you flying from first attempt!! show will be airing twice a month.
  • 14 Sep 2008, 19:00 another weekly trance show have been launched - it is Trance Union with Joe Shadows, it will be possible to catch every Sunday at 7pm.
  • 13 Sep 2008, 21:00 Slovakian show In Trance I Believe with ReOrder at the wheel have started, it will be coming out Every Week!! Good Luck!!
  • 13 Sep 2008, 16:00 heyhooo!! a New tribal show have started!!! definitely a wonderful addition to our show line-up, it is of course the Tribalicious show hosted and presented to you by BerHed, hear it live every 2nd and 4th saturday at 4pm.
  • 12 Sep 2008, 16:00 - new show debuted with a new name hosting: Re-Cycle with Pawn hosting, first episode was quite a success!! Pawn was formerly known as DrumKode.
  • 17 Jul 2008 - Feeling Sessions with Romanian Ovidiu Adrian was launched.
  • 23 Jun 2008 and don't forget our own Wicked Sessions hosted by Svilen Bancheff from Bulgaria.
  • i really hope this wasn't too much info for you!! look for more in the schedule and get all the mixes from!! cu you in a few months. =)
  • 18 Jun 2008 - new show started, called Dynamica 128 and hosted by Bulgarian dj Nicholas Cole.
  • 13 Jun 2008 we picked up Perspectives show produced and long cared for by Darin Epsilon from Chicago, Usa. This show is already having its 22nd monthly episode aired on September 26th, 4pm.
  • 12 Jun 2008 we've launched a new tremendous show called Search In Progress hosted by a great Greek talent - Athan. Show is airing every second Thursday at 7pm, tune in you, lovers of Greek Progressive House!!
  • 24 May 2008 - Sonic Illusions started with Neurophobe alongside with Silk Exposures with DownKill both shows come each 4th Saturday of the month and bring wonderful music and new talents from Hungary!
  • [slash]
    who needs news? well, so it happens, that we ran out, although much is happening, djs coming and leaving, shows arising and disappearing, and all in all it happens kinda in back-ground, we're trying to bring some more djs and shows into the team, and forgetting about basic radio needs, everyday needs of informing, letting it happen and more... last news post was here 18 weeks and 4 days ago.. so it happens, some of us have gotten tired or managing the radio, some got driven away by other projects, nevertheless newcomers didn't help and hunt is open again for those who can help us keep the radio's inside life going and seeming alive, which it doesn't really do now... who wants to help? post these news, maybe once a week, or more often, check shows, remind djs about them missing their showtimes? ask for their news, projects, releases, guest names, at least, maybe ask them for banners and promo-tracks to fill the air-time? ah? anyone would takeupstand to the challenge? inquire within... i mean, mail your ideas to [slash]

    Hey, Happy Anniversary to all TM LISTENERS and TM STUFF!!! Today is good date. One year ago - 4 Oct. 2006 was our first start, from that time radio started working. In that one year was many things, good and bad, merry and sad. Was found and fixed few bugs, added forum, invited new djs, their guests...number of listeners starting to grow up, was created active cooperation with tracker :) And that's not finish, we just started to grow!!! Something will be changing, something improving. I want to say thanks to all our admins, exactly: slash, Viktor1983 and Bocaccio for scripting and for timely, to our first residents: Keekos, Craig James, JBravo, Sunnteck, Flower Powder, Teufelswild, Paul Vinitsky, Abstract Vision & DSI, to BeatBoxBaby for promotion and Tawakol for the banners. Special thanks to all our listeners and to all who was with us all that time! And of course thanks to me and Craig James for the radio foundation :)) Stay tuned next year...Viva Tribal Mixes Radio!!!!! ;)

    Rinspeed. [Rinspeed]

    News Flash out there brings us late but bright words: October 4th, 2007 is the 1st Tribalmixes Radio Anniversary, yes, it all started a year ago, expect alot of anniversary showtimes these months, since many shows will also evolve into 1 year old babies... as to celebrate this day, we can devote the whole week to listening any mixes that our djs, show hosts and guests might want to submit and air, but of course we'd love to air them all on thursday, until some changes come up, it is 3 shows, all three nice shows, but celebrating will be headlined with them only, if you don't HuRRY UP and SEND SOME MUSIC!!! =)))) sincerely, contact radio management... =) [slash]
    alot of things happened recently, we have mighty many new shows started or to be first aired soon, very warm welcome to all the new hosts/djs/great guys. please check out these new shows and their hosts.
  • Pure Senses is back after an unintentional summer break, and our well known dj Migas now joins his powers with another Portuguese talent and his great friend 2tan, and the show is now hosted by 2 of them.
  • Egyptian Marwan el Swaisy aka SEWWES is back, he will be hosting show called Deep Heat Sessions, starting every 4th Monday at 11pm...
  • Human-like Musique hosted by Nick Nikolov might remind a hearing ear, some show that has disappeared...
  • Disco Sensation Radio Show operated by C.J. Wega from Hungary is having its second episode already this Friday, coming twice a month, third episode is promised to be with Simon & Shaker guesting!!
  • short-named Spotted with deepsns from Bulgaria also has alreadty been Grandly Opened, excellent music there!
  • here comes We Love Tuesdays with emata hosting, solid tribal sounds, every 4th Tuesday, 5pm, with second episode on 25th this month, this show has evolved from similar appearances on area..
  • Feel The Sound hosted by b0na is another great addition to our show-list, with host well known to tm community..
  • many must remember SilentRaver by his awesome appearance in IDC, now welcome his show-project Mood Swings, with that genre of the music changing throughout the episode and from one to another...
  • please, spread the word about the radio, we have many more shows and djs to come!!! edm for the ppl. [slash]
    hello hello! just making sure you're tuning in tomorrow, from 6 pm to midnight we're having 4 excellent shows,... Alejandro Rado is releasing 17th episode of Push the Desert at 6pm. J-Smith celebrates 20th episode of Significant Thursday at 7pm (have you noticed, every 1st Thursday of the month, episodes are 3hr long with 1-2 guests, and 3rd Thu - just 1hr long). unchallengeable DJ NaDi plays 9th episode of Girls Power starting 8pm. and Style Clash hosts this episode of Beat Sensor with Michal and Levan guesting at 10pm.

    and now, wonderfully set&said, we have two debuts aka grand openings this weekend:
  • as i said before, Escodero & phm are debuting with Dead Souls on Friday night 6pm to 8pm, before P3in1.
  • newly arrived, this dj has been known for quite a while in all branches of music, Omar Hazem opens Made in Cairo on Saturday night, 6pm to 7pm, it will repeat each 3rd Friday of the month.
  • have a good time!! and love the music!! [slash]
    hey hey everyone, Tribalmixes Radio is Proud To Present, more and more Wonderful Shows opening up this week and next month, and Old Beloved favorite coming back to action. and more detailed here...
  • wonderful and strong Flower-Powder is starting 3rd show on the radio, it is going to be framed as Psy-Goa trance styled, and name to it is 365 Buddhas. catch it every 3rd Monday, 5pmGMT, for 2 hours starting August.
  • our old and great friend Alexandar strikes back with his long-preplanned schedule of Liquid Sessions with guestlist booked till the end of the year. 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 7pmGMT. This Wednesday, July 18th, it comes back on with guest Danijel Savic, Nick Varon and Victoria R are next two shows - great, huh?
  • Escodero and phm are starting exclusive show called Dead Souls. listen to their tribal performances 6pm every 3rd friday for 2 hours, starting this very friday as well!!!
  • and the fourth one here is DJ Felton, wonderful and skillful DJ starting his performances with Progressive Emotions show. starting soon this month...
  • in the meantime, thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!!! [slash]
    Welcome to tribalmixes radio, your only source for 24/7 electronic music from all around the world. Look out for our new resident and guest dj's. Drumkode, providiing a wide array of tribal house beats for your listening pleasures, as well as his own phenominal productions. Also, in the next few weeks we are going to start presenting Turkey's Mert Yucel and his label Deepxperience. If you would like to be a part of tribalmixes radio, please submit a mix to us via yousendit or sendspace. Please send all submissions to Please allow at least a few days for us to get back to you. Thanks for tuning! [CraigJames]
    welcome new friends and old... thanks to everyone for participating with our wonderful radio... we have been hitting record numbers the past few weeks and growing... many new djs are joining us in the next two months, so watch out for some action here TM radio. also, i would like to welcome our new administrator bocaccio who will be helping out as we grow. i'm glad to say that order is slowly being restored into the system as everyone gets used to entering the amount of seconds and reupdating their playlists. thanks once again! watch this space for future announcements. [CraigJames]
    going through the list of shows for this week i counted ... 20 different showtimes!!! check it out... Monday's tribal Pure Senses are followed by Tuesday's Epic Destruction, then Liquid Sessions and Trance Highways on Wednesday; Thursday is fenomenal, with Alejandro Rado in push the Desert, Significant Thursday with J-smith, second episode of Girls Power with Dj NaDi, introducing new show Beat Sensor hosted by Style Clash & moT. Vision Session & P3in1 on Friday, Chill Bill 004 and Drums Unleashed with amazing Tamer Fouda! Then Dj Tod goes with second edition of Dark Energy, and another introduction - Snake Attack monthly show hosted by Python 9pm Saturday Night. Sunday's line up shines with 5 shows: Atmospherics presenting Audiofly, highly anticipated Better Feeling, Eternity, Synthetic Invasion, and 11th episode of Sunday Deep. i think it is a beeeeg achievement as it is. thanks to all djs who take part in the radio. Happy 2007 to all of the hosts, the guests and the listeners!!! [slash]
    tribalmixesdotcom community and tribalmixes radio are organizing INTERNATIONAL DJ-ING CONTEST, teams from Egypt, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Netherlands, Greece and Argentina, each consisting of 5 djs (members of the community) will present 5 one hour long exclusive dj-sets (promos, live sessions, effects, anything to impress the listeners) by January 7th. then each new day will be dedicated to one of the countries for 5 hour long shows, starting in the afternoon, and for as many days as many teams there are. also all mixes will be available for high-speed download on come to celebrate this event with us! [slash]
    Congratulates and Happy Birthday to DJ DSI (From Russia With Trance) from TM Radio Administration! This time your birthday at same day with show. Wish you a lot of fun and joy on this day, and a lot of upcoming shows and partys on all other days!!! ;) [Rinspeed]
    New talent presentation and opening show Better Feeling by Dar-K.
    Deep, Dark and Melodic Progressive every 1st Sunday on TRiBALMiXES Radio.
    This Sunday exclusive guestmix from Guillaume Nyckees (France). Listening TM Radio!! [Rinspeed]
    Special for TRiBALMiXES New Compilation presentation!! Trance For Life - WINTER 2006 with Hisham Zahran, Sunnteck and Rinspeed. Excellent Trance music
    Total time 4:36:15 Download on TRiBALMiXES[dot]COM
    Enjoy the music with TM Radio! :) [Rinspeed]
    we are very happy and proud to announce: well known and world famous dj SASHA is guesting this coming Sunday, Nov 12th at Armando Rossi's Atmospherics show. This will be one time only broadcast of SASHA's new production, it will not be rebroadcasted afterwards, so make time in your schedules for this sunday's morning (or day) and join us here for an excellent presentation! [slash]
    TM Radio presents DJ I.R.A'. with Exclusive Mix special for our radio - This Thursday at 07:00 PM. Don't miss this beautiful trance session, and don't forget to put your comments on our forum!
    Edit: Download is available at TRiBALMiXES.COM [Rinspeed]
    this week on tribalmixes radio schedule: coming up quite a few new shows, check it out..
  • Dance Floor hosted by Adrian Eftimie
  • levente sessions hosted by levente
  • Frequencies hosted by Keekos
  • Funkin' hosted by DJ Nick
  • Mind Freak hosted by DJ Ortzi
  • Sunday Deep hosted by Gabe De Wielen
  • [slash]
    hello! we're back. radio was out for about 5 hours. sorry about that, nothing we could do. the reason was the power outtage in the data-canter, that cause 2 rooms (including one with out server machine) go down. this happened first time in over 5 months on that server, so should be a problem in the future. due to this happening, PERFORMANCE 3 IN 1 show by GAD & Peric with Steve Arana guesting wasn't completely aired, only first 2 parts, that is why there will be a scheduled rebroadcast on Saturday at the same time. thanks for being with us!! [slash]
    Thanks to everyone for their support.... DJ's and listeners alike. Be expecting some heavy hitters doing mixes exclusively for our site in the next few months. Like slash said, please bare with us in this time of establishment. Let's keep it strong! [CraigJames]
    even that radio is officially working, there's still alot to do, alot to test, alot to check and make sure, and blah-blah. so please be considerate and show understanding if the stream suddenly stops and then doesn't come back for a few minutes - it means it's being tested, tracks can change without being ended, everything can happen in the next few days, so expect the unexpected and consider our position - we have to make it work, while you're only gonna use it... :) [slash]

    tribalmixes radio is now open!!!

    coming up TRANCE HIGHWAYS episode 23
    hosted by SUNNTECK, starts at 9 PM GMT!!!

    enjoy!! [slash]

    our friends: