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 Hernan Gutmer  Argentina

Hernán Gutmer was born in Bs.As. Argentina.He started with the music at the age of 14 years old learning drum and percusion.Your first conection with the electronic music was listening bands with Depeche mode and Kraftwork.At the age of 20 he started as Dj playing at diferents pubs, Clubs and private partys.He produced your own radio program called "Revolviendo Bateas" at www.dancelatinoamerica.com in which he played with diferent Locals Dj´s and producers.At the age of 22 years old he has started making music and he started also learned Audio Engineering.
His first signed track was "Melody mountain", it was supported for Local and international Dj´s and producers with V-Sag, Tarkan, Justin george, Sultan, Dj taucher etc.His music can´t be recognize in an unique style, he plays with differents sounds and it could be listen in your tracks.

Hernán Gutmer
E-mail / MSN : info@hernangutmer.com.ar
MySpace: www.myspace.com.ar/gutmer

Releases :

Melody mountain [República Records] 2006

Cosmic drop [LDU Records] 2006  

Forthcoming Releases :

Flying your airplane [Wi-Fi Recordings] 2007

Vibration of light [Full Body Sound System] 2007

Celebration [Reticent Recordings] 2007

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