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 D-Mark  Spain

Marcos Ligero was born in Sabadell (Barcelona), in 1984. Since his beginnings he always has had special interest in electronic music, especially in trance and progressive branches. However, he is not only known because of his DJ side, but also he shows a lot of talent in the music production field.

With only 13 years old he started in the world of production, when he discovered the well-known production programs called "trackers", with which he started a project called Vanian-UT with a friend of him a long time ago. That project was conceived so as to spread the productions they made with those "trackers", and it were so far as to be known in whole country as a collective of new talented young artists at production and DJing.

A few years later, Mark took his first steps as a DJ, carrying his music around different clubs on Spain and playing alongside many well-known artists, also with as well-known names as Ministry of Sound in his gig in Oslo during the summer of 2006.

His first reference as a producer, “D-Mark – Travelling EP”, has been well-supported and played worldwide, as well as awarded as the best trance release of the year in 2006 by the spanish magazine DJ1. It also has been included in various charts around the globe, like the well-known Technics Dutch Dance Charts and inside the album “Delirium”, mixed by Dave Pearce at Ministry of Sound.


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