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 Marwan el Swaisy  Egypt

SoundScapes Presents: Deep Heat Sessions 
21 year old Egyptian DJ Marwan El Swaisy a.k.a sewwes, started djaying two years ago , beside his studies of Mechanical Engineering , after a huge obsession with the old school house beats. Influenced by compilations of Satoshi Tomiie, Nick Warren, Sasha, Steve Lawler, Dave seaman, Paul Oakend and many other djs that played this category of music at the interval between 2000 and 2002 , D.J Sewwes was even more obsessed with this  kind of off beats. Those big guys really affected his style which is kind of commercial free; a diet that he does about commercial tracks and vocals.

Marwan agrees that a good combination between beats and vocals results in a perfect track.
A good DJ is the one who makes people accept and like new tunes and beats more than playin tracks that people like already.

Fascinated by the ultimate beats of house and some progressive trance beats, Sewwes’ contributions and gigs include: some local parties (beach parties, after hours & private parties). He is also looking forward to gaining more experience and gigs that can make him enjoy more in the world of house music.

DJ Sewwes was a guest on some international and local radio stations having a reception and respect of the audience as a good dj.

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