Fri, Aug 18, 21:20:26


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hey hey everyone, Tribalmixes Radio is Proud To Present, more and more Wonderful Shows opening up this week and next month, and Old Beloved favorite coming back to action. and more detailed here...
  • wonderful and strong Flower-Powder is starting 3rd show on the radio, it is going to be framed as Psy-Goa trance styled, and name to it is 365 Buddhas. catch it every 3rd Monday, 5pmGMT, for 2 hours starting August.
  • our old and great friend Alexandar strikes back with his long-preplanned schedule of Liquid Sessions with guestlist booked till the end of the year. 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 7pmGMT. This Wednesday, July 18th, it comes back on with guest Danijel Savic, Nick Varon and Victoria R are next two shows - great, huh?
  • Escodero and phm are starting exclusive show called Dead Souls. listen to their tribal performances 6pm every 3rd friday for 2 hours, starting this very friday as well!!!
  • and the fourth one here is DJ Felton, wonderful and skillful DJ starting his performances with Progressive Emotions show. starting soon this month...
  • in the meantime, thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!!! [slash]

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