Sat, Jul 22, 09:57:28


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who needs news? well, so it happens, that we ran out, although much is happening, djs coming and leaving, shows arising and disappearing, and all in all it happens kinda in back-ground, we're trying to bring some more djs and shows into the team, and forgetting about basic radio needs, everyday needs of informing, letting it happen and more... last news post was here 18 weeks and 4 days ago.. so it happens, some of us have gotten tired or managing the radio, some got driven away by other projects, nevertheless newcomers didn't help and hunt is open again for those who can help us keep the radio's inside life going and seeming alive, which it doesn't really do now... who wants to help? post these news, maybe once a week, or more often, check shows, remind djs about them missing their showtimes? ask for their news, projects, releases, guest names, at least, maybe ask them for banners and promo-tracks to fill the air-time? ah? anyone would takeupstand to the challenge? inquire within... i mean, mail your ideas to [slash]

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