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If you have something unique to offer: contact with the awesome details of good times in store.

If you are looking to start a New Show on TM Radio: get Someone (who knows us) to recommend you and your sound.

Personal Good Word isn't possible? Send a Demo Link to, your sound must fit Our Music Vision.

About TM Radio

TM Radio is a radio of Continuous DJ Mixes, i.e. we stream long (1 hour, sometimes 2-3+ hours long) pre-recorded, complete & finished DJ sets. We rarely, almost never play single tracks. We like long DJ Mixes. Imagine Yourself in a club. Music there goes none-stop, flows from one track into another. The DJ (the good DJ, rather) masterfully mixes tracks together, so it seems they are meant for each other, these different tracks...

Well, this is what we have on TM Radio 24/7, and we call this streaming DJ Mixes (DJ Sets)...

Sometimes our Radio DJs record their DJ Sets live in clubs and air them on TM Radio later. We refer to such mixes as "livesets". We have over 6000 amazing DJ Sets & Live sets readily available for On Demand streaming. Anyone can stream anything from our vast database of DJ Mixes. Any time, always best (available) quality.

Besides Instant, Free & Full Quality (320kbps) rewarding On Demand streaming, Our Radio Vision includes the more traditional approach too. It is Live Radio Stream, which anyone can tune into any time using their favorite Media Players (like WinAmp, Windows Media, Itunes, etc). Or right in their Interner Browser of choice, using Adobe Flash or new HTML5 based music players. This Live Radio Stream has new Episodes of our Radio Shows that adhere to the Schedule. One can catch all New Episodes premiering at their specific times, plus re-listen to recently aired episodes from any current or past shows at their convenience (yes, correct, we call it On Demand Streaming).

TM Radio started on November 3rd, 2006. First 4 years as Tribalmixes Radio on, later as more distinct TM Radio on, Since stepping away from whole Tribal Mixes seemed like a good idea at some point, lol.. in 2016 we've celebrated 10 years of the continuous delivery of top underground beats. Lots has happened, many DJs came and left, but one aspect is always true: Our Music Vision.. - TM Radio is always here with best of Underground Sound: progressive house, dark progressive, tech house, deep house, techno, minimal house, deeptech, etc. Please, note, we do not accept new trance shows.

This project has always been supported by and has totally been built on, another reliable source to get mp3-recordings of all shows from TM Radio... in 2016-2017 site was fully rebuilt using goode olde bootstrap (tm)... the world wants mobile - we do it! years later... well, better now than never..

technical support: slash, Viktor. Latest Logo Design: ISeeYourSoul.

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