Hello and welcome to the new TM Radio Android App!! It was created due to high demand and nsync with the growing mobile world. The app is as simple as it gets, it shows TM Radio Website link, TM Radio Logo, 3 buttons (play, stop, exit) and a text box that shows currently playing Radio Show.

Obviously, it's a very limited functionality, but there will be more to this app.. In the next version... And for now - this will be good enough. Also Google Play Store wants $25 to put the app there, which could make things easier, but, not yet... App is very fresh and ugly, so not yet...

As for now, there are 2 methods to download and install TM Radio App onto your Android Smartphone.

1. Download from TM Radio
It's a 2MB file named TM_Radio_App.apk. Download it and install onto your Android device. New Android OS versions will warn you about not authentic store, or that the app is not from a trusted source, etc. You can trust us, there's nothing else to this app but streaming the radio. After download is complete, install the app & enjoy!

2. Scan the QR code below
and it'll show you the link you need to click to download the app... Make sure link starts with https://www.tm-radio.com. After clicking the link, instructions from 1 apply...