How do you make use of Youtube to find songs that are popular, trending and hot across other countries?

This topic was on my mind for a while. As a American I am awestruck in pop music culture. Dua Lipa wearing slippers, Kanye West admiring his dwarfed wife. I love pop culture, and all of the actors. I believe I could make an ideal host for one of the Gossip & Hollywood gossip shows. There, hosts will expose the secrets of the biggest stars in Hollywood. The hosts then move on to lesser-known stars, and then end with flashbacks to the past, or sightings to begin with that haven't been seen for a long time. All these news and rumors will be presented with passion, passion, and with the love of. The majority of current hosts smack some of the information, never relate.

find trending music from other countries on youtube

As such I'm trying to add more music from different countries in my library of music. I am beginning to learn about the music that is popular in other regions of the world. I started with some European monoliths like Germany, UK France, Sweden Spain, Portugal and Spain. After a long time on Youtube it appeared that I had mastered making Youtube provide me with the details I required. But not so easy.. It appears that you is only able to view the most popular music in their local area or in their country. I looked on other sites to find the top 20 most watched and downloaded Youtube music videos in their respective countries. There were some that did. However, it was mostly old. Nobody wants to blog about the top 20, every week. This kind of thing ought to be broadcast on TV. You can also find hit-parades and similar stuff.

I tried it again.. but after weeks of not finding anything more than a few, and not being able to find any source of the most popular songs from other countries I was willing to give up. The only way I found the solution was to use the Firefox free proxy plugin. (FF usually offers better plugins and developers are more generous, so I would guess). This would connect me to the Internet through someone else located in a different nation. I was able to browse Youtube like I was in Spain or Germany. While it wasn't 100% reliable as such connections can go down or slow down however, I was able to find a method to do this. It was a bit frustrating since I wasn't able to connect to several countries and it was difficult to locate reliable sources. Then I discovered the YouTube to mp3 conversion website that astonished me with its hidden capabilities.

It was the Top 20 most popular Youtube videos link. It loaded about 20 Youtube music videos simultaneously and as promised. Surprised, Top 20 trending German music videos loaded.. My eyes were tearing up, I've browsed through 25 languages the site offers, and every one has a the latest top 20 songs that are trendy and popular for that language, countries with it major in it, I think.. It doesn't matter what, the delivery was great. It's quick, simple and extremely user-friendly. There aren't any plug-ins or proxy servers. Just navigate and change the language. The top songs from Korea (Syria), Hungary, Romania, Portugal, and even the Czech Republic are all there for you to enjoy.