How do you keep up with the music of your country of origin even if you've lived in the country for more than 10 years

What's your story? I am a Russki teenager who came to America for a better future. In Russia I have never been wealthy, and certainly not near the middle class. I was a slumbering poor. My family, and not me. While I was growing up in Russia and the Soviet Union, young adults did not have money. Therefore, we had to find other ways to earn money. There were many different schemes, but most of them like asking your neighbors for some dollars to buy their communal vodka bottle. Similar to the above, we would seek out ways to earn cash quickly and even buy bread for a loaf. We always had food cravings..

So I finally arrived in America. But is nowhere like New York, Brooklyn, Brighton Beach. This is a place which reminds me of my home. It's noisy, filthy, there's lots of Russian speech everywhere, the people are rude - it's just regular Russian city life. I spent quite a lot of money there, mostly to visit Russian restaurants and bookstores and music stores.

find music from your country

I am a huge fan of music and books. It turns out that it's not difficult to find Russian literature using Kindle. I stopped buying books that were printed in hardcopy. In addition, I don't have a lot of space in my home , and my wife is a complete hoarder. Therefore, I do to avoid buying new stuff. While the stacks of books appeared intelligent the first few month, they became drab and boring as I realized that there was still space for other things.

However, music is different. Music is one of my most favorite things to listen to. My job requires me to travel often, so I listen to plenty of music. As an Russian native, I haven't had the opportunity to experience all the music of the present I've heard in the USA. I'm not a fan of hip-hop, rap or metal, rock, or pop. The latest songs that children love to dance to. The old Russian music is a thing I cherish and also the Russian-specific songs that were played in jail. These songs remain popular in Russia, even after 20 years. They aren't on CDs, they're mostly tapes that are found in cars, and videos on Youtube. Youtube now has all the data. You can find me on Youtube for hours, even after hours.

So, after a few days I created a playlist of more than 300 songs I truly enjoy. This treasure is my constant companion. I can listen to it throughout the day and don't have any problems getting used. There are over 300 songs! But when I want songs to play in my car, I don't always have internet access. I need it to drive, for navigation. I record the songs at home. I'm at the moment. I record a few songs on Youtube, then I convert those videos to MP3 files using my laptop. Then, I bring that CD to the car, and I can listen. It is also possible to use the Youtube playlist and print the songs. Each song is then converted to MP3 and saved to my computer. Once you have the songs printed, it's simple to save them to an audio CD. Sometimes I'm not careful and end up making a data CD. It won't play on my car stereo. However the audio can be recorded. It's amazing to see how technology is working. It's not necessary to log on to the internet or use any other device to play MP3. I just insert CD into the car stereo, and I listen to the Russian music that is booming in Manhattan.

It's cheap and easy to save videos on Youtube in MP3 format. After that, you can download the MP3 files to your Smartphone. My friend connected his phone to his car stereo and it started playing top quality sound in just 2 seconds. He could also stream Spotify and Pandora radio. This doesn't require too much Internet. I'm thinking of trying this next.. Of course, I'll take care not to utilize any free wifi.