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It's been another month, and we're happy to announce the start of several new shows on TM Radio, please, check them out, our lineup is now bursting with flavor from all over the world. If you're a DJ looking to start your own show - please, refer to our music vision first. We do not welcome trance, electro, dubstep and other screeching sounds millennials now call music.. No, we like old, underground type of sound - deep, progressive, tech house and techno. These are the 4 pillars of the underground, and these are the genres we welcome here.

In other news, there's still amazing instagram converter site, it helps extract music from Instagram videos. For youtube videos try this awesome youtube mp3 converter. There's also this cool online video converter, comes with many languages ready to help. Saveclipbro has gone down, so if you're looking for alternative, try this free video downloader.

Great news for tm radio, over the last month we've started quite a few new radio shows, all amazing deep progressive techno sound, underground goodness. Check out the schedule, there's even a weekly show on Mondays now. As mentioned before, tm radio is heading away from mainstream sound and is opening arms and schedule for more underground shows. It was sad to hear is going under, but we were able to accommodate a few of their hosts, thankfully their sound lives on.

It's been a custom, a tradition even to finish these posts with a few links to awesome online audio/video tools I come across. Sometimes there's no way to get this awesome track, but someone shared it on youtube.. Well, if you're down for 128-160kbps sound - you can download music from youtube. Simply try, or you can try alternative. It's very easy to use those. They have built in search and convert videos to mp3 and mp4.

It's been a few months. We've acquired several new progressive house shows, I highly recommend check out in the lineup. Going now for quality programming, rather than mass produced sirius-xm syndicated shows.. Lets sirius lovers listen to daily dubstep, while we enjoy the proper sounds of progressive and deep house. In the meantime, don't forget about this blog, delivering best innovations in the world of computer sounds.

Today I'd like to share with you a couple of tools I've been using lately. First of all, you can download twitter videos with ease. Simply find video on twitter that you like, copy URL, bring it to tvidder, enter in the box, and download your video. It also converts twitter videos to mp3.

Another perfect tool for a starter DJ I've found recently is a place to download youtube mp3, you can figuratively fish youtube for fresh music with this site, check it out, saves tons of money on buying fresh tracks. Plus there's always lots of classics on youtube... Just gotta have the track name or the artist. Simply start typing the name and you'll see how it goes. In case of video, try youtube mp4 to download video files from youtube. That is all for now. Enjoy the music!!

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