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Hi. Of course I am not sure if any of the DJs are reading this, but I must admit that the situation with Mixcloud shares, re-posts and likes is not what it used to be a year ago.. Due to COVID and changes in peoples' lives, so mistakes were made and we've lost several Mixcloud accounts with total following of about 50-60k users.. It sucks of course... Now we are down to mere 65-70k from 5-10 accounts, and those users are oooold from 5 years ago and more, so basically mostly inactive. That's why a year ago we've been seeing easy 200-300 plays on new mixes shared and reposted via our special method on Mixcloud (from the radio page), and now - barely 50 on some mixes... TM Radio is sorry about this, we know everyone needs that little bit of promotional push, so we'll be looking for other methods to promote our DJs. Loss of Mixcloud accounts happened due to crossover usage of those accounts with and such...

As for the rest of the news section, lets us share some nice music and audio related resources here. First of all, definitely try - it's a great youtube to mp3 converter online and it's free to use. You should also check out this Youtube downloader, it's a great tool to download videos from Youtube without any apps or programs installed. You simply get video to your device and watch it offline at your convenience. Isn't it great? You can also check out this awesome Reddit downloader, it's truly one of a kind, although I agree - there's no music on Reddit just yet, so it's just fo rthe video. Enjoy!!

Hello, i haven't sent any news into this section for like 9 months now. If i were a pregnant woman, i would have given birth by now probably, and still no news? But of course there are news. We at TM Radio are happy to welcome dozens of new DJs, talents from all over the world getting together under one roof of TM Radio. These days we are seeing great skilled talented performers and producers from South Asian countries, including booming Sri Lankan progressive underground scene. Very many excellent DJs have joined TM Radio and started excellent shows that keep me personally coming back and tuning in every day listening to TM Radio music. This is the most activity we've seen in years, of course, excluding the time when we tried to syndicate like 80 famous shows, and gave up after a few month, as it was too much work..

And for the second part of the news, please welcome 2 new amazing tools we've all been using but haven't been able to announce it yet. Those are the slick and fast, new Clip Converter and Youtube to Mp4. Both these sites have been an immense help recently that there's been so many online festivals and streaming jamming sessions, so these sites, if ever needed, will help you download video and audio from Youtube and other online streaming sites, sometimes even convert into the formats you like. Check them out, they are free and have their own apps and basically very cool ready to work for you. Same goes for this new mp3 converter i've come across recently, it's fast and free, get on it, son!

I really hope you like my little communiques. Have a great one on TM Radio.

Hello and welcome back to tm radio news section blog whatever place for me to dump some truth once in a while.. Like there are no other blog hosting places, so I had to make myself a section on TM Radio.. In any case, just wanted to prostrate my love and welcoming hugs to all the new DJs on the radio, there's lots of great new music circulating, can't stop listening to the stream. Very proud and definitely way to keep it up! We've also had some issues with bandwidth, if anyone has ran into slow downloads or mp3 won't start streaming for like a minute or two - those were all due to some networking problem at our hosting provider. Now they've fixed it, had us work with them on the problem, really ridiculous, but finally we seemingly don't have any lost connections or interrupted streams.

As before, lets drool about some awesome online tools I've come in contact with since last time I've posted here. First of all I simply love youtubemp3. The site is lightweight, fast, loads zero social stuff like buttons or tweets or whatnot, it only has JS libraries and CSS styles plus some fonts. Instant page loads. Site has awesome direct Youtube search, don't even have to leave the site to find video, copy-paste is also unneeded when using suggestive autocomplete search on this site. In other direction I loved this Tiktok video downloader, very bright friendly colors, intuitive design, fast operations. It also allows download Tiktok video as mp3, so check it out. Otherwise I've also seen two great online video downloader sites. Those are Y2mate and Savefrom. Awesome fast sites, look almost exactly the same.. So check those out, you may like them better than your current goto video downloader.

Otherwise I'm signing off. Tune in TM Radio for the best underground sounds online!

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